About Us

Pinooky is your one stop shop for healthy eating resources, tips and easy recipes. It is comprised of a wife and husband team who love treats!

We love treats but we don't like the calories and enormous amount of sugar that usually comes with them. So, we decided to do something about it and lo and behold, our first child- Pinooky, the home of Healthy, Yummy Treats.

Early in our relationship, we began a nightly ritual. After dinner and right before bed, we’d cozy up with a warm cup of tea and a treat. It was not long before we realized that our nighttime snacks were unhealthy and adding up on our waistlines. We refused to give up our sacred routine, so we decided to make it healthier.

First, we tried replacing our favorite treats with store bought low sugar or vegan versions but everything we tried had either excessive amount of sugar, was made with questionable ingredients or both. The mouthwatering tastes and flavors we craved, were nowhere to be found. There was always something missing.

Determined to snack healthier, our only option was to make our own treats and desserts. Unfortunately, most of the “healthy” recipes we found online contained a lot of sugar and not enough of the healthy, nutritious stuff.

Our passion for yummy snacks and search for wholesome and flavorful ingredients took us on a research quest across foreign lands, cultures and flavors. And just like that, Pinooky was born.

We are continuously discovering and sharing healthy recipes and ingredients, so that you too, can eat your cake and keep the weight off too!

What is a Pinooky you ask?

The Hebrew word, “pi-nook (פינוק)” unfortunately doesn't have an exact translation but it can be described as a combination of the word “treat”, a feeling of comfort and coziness, and even the sensation of being spoiled. It can describe a blanket, a person or the delicious treats we love.

Now that you know, start Pinooking yourself!

Coming Soon: Our own signature - Healthy, Yummy Pinooky Cookie.