Spiced Stovetop Skillet Granola

Spiced Stovetop Skillet Granola
  2 cups of oats 3 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil, separated ¼ cup of coconut sugar  1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ground ginger  ¼...

Refreshing Watermelon Slushee

Summer is here! Try this refreshing watermelon slushee for the perfect treat on a hot day— recipe below: Instructions:Blend 1.5 cups of frozen wat...

Vegan, Fudgy Low-Sugar Brownies

Vegan, Fudgy Low-Sugar Brownies
Try these delicious vegan, fudgy, low-sugar brownies for a less guilty treat!

10 Healthy Snacks for Kids

10 Healthy Snacks for Kids
It's time to pick up a healthy snacking tradition. But with busy schedules, less time remains to prepare healthy snacks and increasing the temptation to put a bag of chips (or worse) in the lunch box. Worry no more, we've gathered 10 healthy snack recipes to prepare on the go

Interesting Plant-Based Alternatives to White Sugar

Natural Sweeteners
You don't have to be on a plant based diet to realize the hazards in artificial sweeteners we call sugar. Dodging white, processed and artificial s...

Natural Food Coloring Made from Superfoods

Natural Food Coloring
All jokes aside, in an increasingly mysterious food world, the health conscience among us must find natural alternatives to artificial colouring. Can't we all do with one less toxin in our diet? Here are a few alternatives to potentially harmful artificial food coloring ingredients. Your body will thank you

6 Healthy Foods for a Tasty Diet

Tasty Diet

Being on a diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy delicious foods, it just means that you get try different foods.

We've complied a list of 6 delicious foods to try while you're on a weight loss mission without risking to gain instead of losing

6 Best Organic Raw Honey Brands

organic honey brands
In a world where food scams are a reality, healthy eating often requires extensive research. Navigating the world of honey is no exception. Real, ...

6 Health Food Trends of 2018 - Decoded

2018 food trends
Have you ever noticed a food trend and all of a sudden you see it everywhere? Here are a few health food trends and buzzwords we’ve noticed so far...