6 Best Organic Raw Honey Brands

In a world where food scams are a reality, healthy eating often requires extensive research.

Navigating the world of honey is no exception. Real, organic honey is one of the more nutritious foods out there. Yet, the market is filled with cheap, faux honey, lacking those nutrients. Prevent unknowingly consuming fake honey or diluted with unknown chemicals yuck!

Unless if you're buying your honey from your local organic farmers market, research is required.

As a rule of thumb, the less processes they honey have through after having been harvested, the better.

When selecting honey, you should always look for: Unfiltered Honey,100% pure and preferably made by North American Bees. Honey is best if it has only been minimally heated and the pollen hasn't been filtered out.

When real honey is concerned, the cheap alternative does more damage than is does good--not to say that the expensive brand is automatically better.

So which brand is the real deal?

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! Here are our top 6 raw, organic honey brands to try now:

    1. Wee Bee Raw Honey

      Hailing from upstate New York pesticide free bees, Wee Bee Honey is delicious and unique. Without being too sweet, it is creamy and satisfying. It even contains bits and pieces of pollen and honeycomb so there is no doubt is it real. Best enjoyed with tea so you can enjoy the tasty bits that float to the rim of your mug.

      Best Prices:

      From $14.35 for a 1lb jar


        2. Bee And Flower Clover Blossom Honey





          This honey is your classic, additive free, delicious raw honey. It’s thick, grainy and sweet. The level of sweetness allows for multipurpose use from sweet dishes, baked goods and your favorite beverage. One interesting aspect is that it comes in flavors from a variety of blossoms--each offering a unique taste. Try each flavor if you hope to become a honey connoisseur! Comes in a variety of flavors, such as

          Best Prices:

          From $18.99  for 1lb jar

          3. Madhava Organic Pure and Raw Honey

          Ready to go international with your honey tastes? Try madhava organic honey, cultivated organically from Brazilian wildflower bees. It’s sweet and the honey is not overheated, in order to maintain it’s nutritional integrity. It’s versatile enough to use as a sweetener for anything. Comes in a variety of flavors, such as

          Best Prices:

          From $16  for a 22 oz jar


          4. YS Eco Bee Farm Raw Honey

          YS Eco Bee Farm Raw Organic honey

          YS Eco Bee Farm proves time and time again that organic is the way to go when it comes to raw honey. Happy bees make yummy honey which is more than apparent in the taste of this honey brand. The texture is smooth and it is not overly sweet making it ideal for any sweet treat.

          Best Prices:

          From $11.99 for a 22 oz jar

          5. Nature Nate Raw and Unfiltered Honey

          Nature Nate’s honey is a honey you can feel good about buying. The brand focuses on sustainability and community service. In addition, it’s very affordable to purchase in large quantities. This honey has wonderful sweet taste and a syrupy consistency so keep this in mind when using for baked goods.

          Best Prices:

          From $19.28 for a 16 oz jar

          6. Trader Joe’s Manuka Honey

          What is so special about Manuka Honey? It is native to New Zealand and known for its superior healing antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The potency of Manuka honey is measured as UMF (Unique Manuka Factor)--the higher the rating, the higher the nutritional value. The consistency is thick and it has a slightly minty flavor. Due to its unique taste and properties, we recommend eating manuka honey on it’s own or in your favorite tea, where taste interference won’t be a factor. It’s also great to use in homemade skin and hair beauty products.

          Best Prices:

          From $20.28 for an 8.8 oz jar


          Have you tried any of these honey brands? Do you have any comments or suggestions?

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