10 Healthy Snacks for Kids

Fall is nearly over and now is as good time as any to start a new, healthy eating and snacking tradition.

With busy schedules, less time remains to prepare healthy snacks and increasing the temptation to put a bag of chips (or worse) in the lunch box.

We know that coming up with healthy snacks recipes takes time, so we’ve done some of the work for you. Here are a few quick, make ahead healthy snacks to ensure you are keeping your little (or big) kids happy and healthy.


1. Date, Nut and Oat Energy BitesDate-Nut-and-Oat-Energy-Bites

Looking for a way to disguise healthy ingredients in your child’s snack in a candy like way? All you need is a few dates, your favorite nuts, oats and a blender. Once combined, roll the mixture into snackable balls and voila--a healthy sweet treat. Try not to eat all of these before your kids get to try.


2. Fruit and Yogurt Bark

It’s no secret that kids love yogurt, but we know it can get messy! Toss away those plastic tubes and make an extra special yogurt treat called yogurt bark for the perfect grab and go after school treat.

All you need is your favorite yogurt and fruit. Spread the yogurt into an even layer on a pan and garnish with fruit. Freeze, break apart and enjoy!

3. Nut Butternut-butter

Nut butters are the super powered snacks sent from the nut gods. They’re delicious on their own, with toast or fruit. You could even combine all three. When choosing nut butter, try to choose brands that only list your nut of choice as the ingredient. The alternative would be to make your own at home in a food processor. If your child’s school is nut free, sunflower, sesame (tahini) and pumpkin seed butters are just as delicious alternatives.

4. Lunch Kits with Homemade CrackerHomemade Crackers

Crackers are the perfect snack but are not always the healthiest. For this reason, we suggest making your own or finding a brand with healthy ingredients. We also know that children tend to love a certain brand of crackers that come in the form of a quick lunch kit. The bad news is that they are not the healthiest. Luckily they are simple to make.

Pair homemade crackers made with nuts and seeds with cheese, veggies or fruit for a quick, less processed during or after school snack.

5. Crispy CauliflowerCrispy Cauliflower

Recent food trends have shown how versatile the cauliflower is. Who would have thought we’d be making pizza crust out of broccoli’s colorless cousin? Not us!

Anyway, as a testament, to the many ways we now know cauliflower can be prepared one great way to prepare it is to make it as a crispy, delicious treat for your child to munch on for lunch or a pre-dinner after school snack. Simply season it any way you’d like, toss it in olive oil and then almond meal. The almond meal will give it a crispy, flourless and healthy coating.


6. Veggie Skewersveggie-skewers

Skewers are fun to eat and children like things that are fun to eat. Sounds like a match made in heaven to us, so try stacking your child’s favorite veggies and fresh mozzerella cheese on a stick for a quick, make ahead snack. These are probably best kept at home since kids like to play sword games with their friends at school.

7. Slow Cooked Applesauce Slow-Cooked-Applesauce

Fall is approaching so you know what that means...Yes, fire (or plug) up the slow cooker! The possibilities are endless for this cozy, genius kitchen device. Chop up as many of your child’s favorite apples to fill up the slow cooker halfway.  Add water and cinnamon and let it cook on low for 6-8 hours. Also add a bit of honey if you’re using tart apples, but it is not necessary. The result? A warm, fuzzy, kid friendly batch of applesauce that you can store in the fridge as a quick, packable school snack or after school treat. It’s a great alternative to fruit snacks. Try not to eat it all before the kids get home!

8. Flowerless Crispy Chicken TendersFlowerless-Crispy-Chicken-Tenders

Almond meal is the real deal. Yes, if you want to achieve the crispy texture that kids love, without the unhealthiness of fried breadcrumbs or flour, try Almond meal instead. To make chicken tenders, simply season chopped chicken breast at desired, lightly toss in olive oil, batter with almond meal and bake on 400 degrees Fahrenheit until brown and crispy. If you do this correctly, the kids won’t know the difference!

9. Smoothiessmoothie

Smoothies can be the on the go family’s best friend. They are nutritious, filling, quick to make and delicious. Make smoothie kits ahead of time by freezing your child’s favorite combinations and storing them for a quick snack. Add nuts and/or oats for added nutrition and filling power. This is also a quick, healthy snack for teens that can be prepped in advance for them to throw safely add to the blender on their own.

10. Fruit SaladFruit-Salad

If pureed things freak your child out (sometimes that happens), fruit salad is the common sense alternative to smoothies. They are just as delicious and easy to store in big batches for a quick on the go snack.Feel free to add nuts

Is there a healthy kid friendly snack that we didn’t mention?  Let us know in the comments below!

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